Saturday, October 22, 2016

Would you like to win a Breyer Horse? Enter the "Decorate a Donation Container for SPIRIT"!

There are five containers to be decorated. The first five EAL kids or SPIRIT riders to claim a container are in the Contest. Containers are available for pickup Saturday October 29th at the Barns! Containers need to be decorated and returned to the Barns on Saturday, November 12th. Pictures will be taken of each container and posted on the SPIRIT Blog and Facebook to be voted on. The number of votes for each decorated Donation Container will be announced November 19th at the Stampede for SPIRIT. Each decorator will get to select the Breyer Horse of their choice based on number of votes received with the most selecting first, second highest next and so on. Stay tuned for pictures of the horses that you could win! There are five Breyer Horses to be selected from. Happy Decorating!!

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