Wednesday, January 28, 2009

January, 23 th.Spirit the mare is gone... :(

Spirit was in her retirement home at field of one of board members, Ms Louise...
Last Friday evening, Spirit was laying down and was not able to get up...
She spent night in field, but not alone...she had pony mare with her until Saturday morning.
She left with head in my lap...peaceful and calm...

Look at Spirit the mare, which will live in our program in this memories...

Saturday, Dec 20 2008

Spirit Program had presentation at indoor ring at Frying Pan Park.

It was nice to see almost 20 horses, and 30 riders of all abilities, friends, parents and riders together....

Spirit the mare came from field to lead Opening Ceremony.
She spent night Friday to Saturday with her friends, Colby Dylan and Infinity.
With scarlet blanket and red decoration in her main, Spirit was walking around with kids, one more time...

See pics of that event...

News in Spirit Program until December 2008

JUNE 2008: SPIRIT shines in local therapeutic riding show. Photos
SPIRIT announces donations that improve program and make scholarship program a reality
MAY 2008: SPIRIT becomes a member of the North American Riding for the Handicapped Association.
SPIRIT welcomes really-cute pony Harmony will provide the perfect ride for little SPIRITs.
APRIL 2008: SPIRIT holds open house at Frying Pan Park in Herndon, Va. Photos from our open house.
MARCH 2008: SPIRIT moves to new home at Frying Pan Park in Herndon, Va.
SPIRIT filed its first annual report. See the financial statements here.
SPIRIT offers big thank yous:
TERESA AND SAM -- For your generosity and for the loving care of our horses all this winter months. Without you SPIRIT would be history today.
LISA AND JIM -- A massive, heart-felt thank you to new owners of SPIRIT Field, Lisa and Jim, who did their best not only to let us to stay, but even to help us do necessary improvements at the field. Despite putting all of our best efforts together, our financial sources were not strong enough to put our dreams of continuing at the same place into life. Lisa and Jim became friends of SPIRIT from the first day we met them, and they will stay with SPIRIT's Team one way or another. We look forward to meeting their boys as SPIRIT volunteers this summer and having both of them as advisers and visitors. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
MARY BETH, LESLIE AND DAN -- At the last moment, when it seemed like there was no future for our program, SPIRIT has been invited by Mary Beth, Leslie and Dan to join our horses to their herd, and to come to Herndon and our new home, Frying Pan Park. Thanks to Leslie and Dan, our horses will have a home. We look forward to a long, happy relationship.
FAIRFAX COUNTY PARK AUTHORITY -- Because of their great facility at Frying Pan Park, our program will be able to fulfill its mission: Our riders will be able to find a joy in life through healing and learning through equestrian activities.
ALL SPIRIT'S FRIENDS, VOLUNTEERS, FORMER AND PRESENT BOARD MEMBERS, SPONSORS, SUPPORTERS, FAMILIES AND RIDERS -- SPIRIT survived this winter and will grow and continue bringing happiness and improvement to even more riders of all abilities
JANUARY 2008: SPIRIT undertakes improvements at SPIRIT Field.
DECEMBER 2007: SPIRITed riders showed their talent at a holiday rider for friends, fellow riders and families. Despite a cold day, many riders turned out to celebrate SPIRIT's anniversary and the winter holidays. Photos from our holiday ride.
NOVEMBER 2007: NOVEMBER'S RIDER OF THE MONTH is Nate, a young charmer who just joined SPIRIT and has already gotten to know our horses - he likes Colby Dylan best!
OCTOBER 2007: OCTOBER'S RIDER OF THE MONTH is Peyton. Among SPIRIT's youngest riders, Peyton is a brave, cute and joyful girl who inspires the entire SPIRIT team with her positive feedback.
SEPTEMBER 2007 SPIRIT welcomes Colby Dylan, a palomino gelding and his owner, Tracy Morrow.
SEPTEMBER'S RIDER OF THE MONTH is Lia - Wow, talk about a rider in action! First canter, safe and controlled transition to walk. Go Lia - you have the spirit!
AUGUST 2007 - Matt rides again! After Bella, Charm and Louie... after a pause of one month, Infinity showed us that lost might be the way to move forward. It was reason for celebration today. Matt's blog Photos
Fundraising Yard Sale at SPIRIT Field. The sale was an enormous success thanks to the donations of SPIRIT supporters and the tireless efforts of SPIRIT volunteers.
Best Wishes to our dedicated activist, Hedy, on her marriage to Wayne. At Hedy's request, the friends of the couple made contributions to SPIRIT in lieu of gifts. Thank you!
SPIRIT welcomes two new members to the SPIRIT family: Infiniti, a young Morgan mare, and Courtney, who donated her. Welcome Infiniti and thank you, Courtney!
JULY 2007 SPIRIT returns to SPIRIT Field in Great falls following two months in Middleburg where SPIRIT instructors, horses and riders helped initiate a new therapeutic riding program.
JUNE 2007: Matt came in third and fifth in his rides at the VADA/Nova Summer Dressage show.
MAY 2007: SPIRIT demonstrates its work at new therapeutic riding program at Middleburg.
MARCH 2007: SPIRIT welcomes Angel, a 9-year-old Thoroughbred.
FEBRUARY 2007 : SPIRIT Field in Great Falls is christened.
JANUARY 2007: Louie, a strong and dedicated Morgan, comes to SPIRIT.
DECEMBER 2006: Spirit, the horse, arrives in Great Falls, and SPIRIT is born.