Sunday, March 29, 2009

Find Spirit at FPP !

One mom says:
"...We will be there this coming Saturday at 10am-should we go to the back area where we first met you or the area by the playground?"

It can be confusing if a horse show is going on Saturdays.

In case that nothing is going on, you can find us with Infinity, Colby Dylan and Anastasia at the small ring right from the main facility (indoor ring)

If you see a lot of trailers and strange horses, that means that show is going on, and we will be at the lower ring (left, near by parking lot), upper ring (you have to drive all the way around the indoor ring and behind it is another large riding ring), or we walk at trails, so call me to check out if you can not find us immediately.

Thank you for your patience and Spirit Team is looking forward to seeing you again.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Rainy Saturday

It was wet and muddy this Saturday at FPP, no therapeutic lessons at all, but Spring will be here soon.
New riders in schedule... :)
Welcome Jessica!
I have feeling that Annie will be the best for her...

Friday, March 27, 2009

See forecast at link above ...
I will go there anyway, but, please call me before leave your home and I will let you know if we can do lesson or not...
Take care, and I am still hoping that rain will start at 1 PM.
Will see.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

SPIRIT 's T-shirts and visors

Good news for those who asked so much about Spirit's T-shirts!

We just got T- shirts and soon will have visors, too...
Royal blue, with yellow printing Spirit Open Equestrian Program / SPIRIT TEAM and Logo...
T-shirts and visors will be available at FPP after and before lessons for minimal requested donation...
Ask about it Hedy or Julia (or Dada :)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Congratulation Karen! ... and other news....

Karen S., member of Spirit Team became Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor last week end!
We hope that soon we will be able to set up her class of riders in Spirit Schedule :)
More to come ....

Construction activities still going on at FPP and we have to deal with those conditions. Saturday lessons are at small ring at the right side of main facility (indoor ring) if you are coming from parking lot. If there are is any Show going on, and we can not use small ring, we will have lesson at lower ring at left side from parking lot.
In case that you can not find us...just call, please..
Thank you for your patience, and stay in touch with Spirit....

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Thanks to all in Spirit Team for this Saturday!

It was like we will be short with helping hands...but all was more than well. Cella inspired as all with her smile and cheerful chat , Robbie did great independent ride on Anastasia, Patrick did great with Infinity...and much more....
Whitney, Sarah, Mary Kate...created all lessons safe and fun.
Thank you all and see you next week!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Anastasia aka Annie

Annie is 18 yo Welsh Pony mare who has been donated to Spirit from Equilibrium Horse Center MD.
She came just at the begining of March and trial period is until the end of this month
Anastasia aka Annie was "Birthday Party Pony", and maybe show pony before in her life...due to previous injury, as vet said she has some issues we will try to hope that Annie will be soon part of Spirit Team....For now she is walking under young Spirit riders, being great teacher and partner ....
More to come...

Mid March

Construction work at FPP slows down Spirit's activities there.
Longer day and warmer weather allows us to ride 5.30-7.30 Mon, Tues,
and 9 AM - 1 PM at Sat...but rings crowded by visitors and riders, traffic and lack of appropriate place for grooming and tacking our horses puts more pressure on whole Spirit Team.

We still need more volunteers to be able to bring more riders to our program...and I know that spring time will bring new friends of Spirit on site.

Lesson are still scheduled week by week because of all this issues, so please stay in touch with Spirit and help us keep it going ....

Thanks to all,


Monday, March 9, 2009

NARHA Region 3 conference

Whitney and Dada were this week end (6-8 March) together at Virginia Beach at NARHA Region 3 Conference.
Host was Equi Kids program, and it's director Barbara Ford.

It was great experience to be there, to hear news in our professional area, about how to run program and how to provide the best service for our riders...

Spring, lot of sun, light and long days are inspiration for all of us...

We continue lessons at week day PM hours, and Saturday AM...

More important info for volunteers or riders will be soon on line ...