Sunday, November 29, 2009

New facility :)

This is an amazing new facility we will be able to use this, warm, dry and just right size...

What a great Thanksgiving miracle...just before third Birthday of Spirit Program.....
Thank you to all angels in all shapes who provide it for us...

I sent to riders draft schedule to be confirmed. If you did not receive it, and you should, please, contact me....

Volunteers willing to continue to work with Spirit Program, please, come next Saturday at 10, or contact me with your plans....

Looking forward to seeing all Spirit people at Spirit Open House, Saturday, 19th December at 10:00 AM

Spirit horses at the Spirit Farm!

Tonight, Spirit horses came to new home at the Spirit farm....

Saturday, November 28, 2009


Sorry for late note...horses are coming to Spirit Farm tomorrow PM around 4 !

Tentative schedule before Sat 19th Dec:

Saturday 5th Dec; 10:00-12:00 - Volunteer day. Let's meet all together, volunteers old and new ones, to do some training and to set up schedule/procedures in new setting

Saturday 12th Dec; 10:00-12:00 - Volunteer day II, procedures and preparation for Open House at Sat 19th Dec

Saturday 19th Dec; 10:00-12:00 - Spirit Open House Event, riders, volunteers, friends, donors, guests... pot luck lunch and presentation of Spirit Program at Spirit Farm

In January, Spirit will continue with program activities at Spirt Farm, new facility, and schedule will be created during the December....

Please, to all riders, to send me their tentative times for lessons, so we can set up schedule for begining of 2010.
Thank you!

Friday, November 27, 2009

All is ready for horses...

Thanks to all who helped this week, Theresa, Don and Andrew were almost each time with Boris and me working hard to make it happen...also, Jeff and Karen used their cars to move a few last things from FPP. Kendra helped us with grain and Sam's friend Glen put hay in feeders...

At the same time, under supervision of Nina, new president of Spirit, Spirit's Farm property is changing it's face, and becoming a real equestrian place....

Thank you all for all you do to create a home for Spirit Program.

No plans for tomorrow, even I will be there with Boris just to do last check up, and then, sometime at Sunday afternoon, Louise and her friend Alison will bring our horses to the new home...

Next Sat, first one in December, at 11 AM,I would like to invite all volunteers, new and old to gather for an hour or two to meet and bee introduced with a new facility, so we can set up a new routine and create plans for future work.

You can contact me if you want to keep on going and continue to be the Friend of Spirit, but can not come next Sat, and I am looking forward to hear about your plans to spend some time with Spirit kids and horses.

Thank you, and stay in touch if you have any questions, please, reach me by e-mail or comment here.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Dear members of Spirit Family, wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and looking forward to seeing you soon.

For those who have an inspiration to help - Friday and Sat morning will be last moments to set up all things and prepare for horses to me to check about time (not before 10 AM) and even if you want to check how it looks like - you are welcome...

New setting is promising, dry, warm and even fun...come and see...

Friday, November 20, 2009


Hi to all, and sorry that I am so late with this was a long day (and I was hungry when I came home :)

So, rubber mats are here, and gates for facility, some fencing panels, saddle racks...

All of that is waiting for us to set it up.

Boris, my husband will be at the farm at 10 AM and I will come somewhere around 1 PM (have to teach 10-12 language )...Feel free to come anytime and help us about it...

Thank you so much for any help,


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

This and that....

Hi to all!

we are almost there...and Spirit will have a great Thanksgiving season I feel :)

Thank you Karen and Jeff for this Tuesday trip to the farm with some more things from FPP.

Just horses and big ramp...we have, mostly organized transport for horses (no riding, sorry;), but ramp is a is big and heavy...

Here are the measurements for the ramp.

Width 48 inches
Height 66 inches
Length 72 inches (box, platform part)
Length 92 inches (ramp, incline part)

If you have an idea how to deal with it, please, let me know...

I hope that we will have rubber mats, and maybe even modular fence to post in the facility for this Saturday. Also, saddle racks just arrived, and the most of activity related to it should be done this Saturday and even Friday...Please, contact me if you have plan to come and help... There is something to do for any kind of ability, as we have to clean and oil all tack, beside all above I mentioned....

Thank you and with some luck, we can have horses at new beautiful place before the end of the month!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Tuesday, what we need to do, and plans for rest of the week....

For Tuesday, I will meet with Jeff at 3 PM at the FPP barn to load some more stuff from there. I will not stay at the Farm as I have to feed and muck at FPP after that.

If anyone is interested and has ability to help to move few last items, please call me or e-mail

There is the green mounting ramp.Big and heavy :(

We need big truck for it and few people to help unload it at the Spirit Farm ( I hope that we will get help from FPP for loading on the truck)

There is our red pony cart, too, which can go in horse trailer or bigger truck, too.
Wednesday I will be at the Farm from 3.30 to 5 or 6, and Thursday, from 2.30 to 5 to sort, clean and organize Spirit assets. Whoever feels like to help about it is more than welcome to come :)
Friday I will spend morning,10-3 at the Farm ,and Saturday afternoon.

Mats and fencing might be delivered this week anytime, and then it will be a big project to set it up.

Hope that all will be done for this week end and after that we might planning to move horses at the week end after Thanksgiving.

Thank you all for all help and support in this important time for Spirit program and can not wait to continue our lessons again at the new facility.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Thank you all great Spirit people for incredible work you did today!

Almost all Spirit assets is gone from was faster and less painful than I ever planed.
Thanks to great Spirit Team, volunteers, friends and families....

Next step:

We wait for rubber mats delivery and I will invite all who can help about setting it so we will be one step closer to bringing horses at new home!

Thank you for being part of Spirit Family and looking forward to seeing you again soon.


No lessons...see you at new facility at 19th December!

Dear riders,
as you can see, to wet to do lessons today, but I hope that is a last cancellation from my side because of weather...

Looking forward to hear from you and to see you again

Saturday, 19th December
(to be confirmed)

At new facility, dry, warm and functional for our kids and program.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Forecast is not helpful...and important news!

It seems still unknown anything about weather at Herndon this, to all riders, please call me after 8.30 to find out what situation looks like. I will be in touch with Mr Jeff and will know more... :)And will post it here, too!

For volunteers, you are all invited if we do not have lessons to do one trip to new facility and help moving Spirit's assets there. I hope you will like that new chance for all of us to do safe, dry and warm lessons this winter...Thanks Don, Therese, Hedy and Julia who already visited new facility and helped about painting....!

Important info for all ....Spirit program will take a break to finish moving process move and retrain horses at new facility - and we should all meet again at Spirit's Open House Event at the end of December ( probably, Saturday 19th) After that we will continue our lessons in New Year.

Please help me to build weekly schedule for future...Options are:

Any day in a week 3-8 PM
Friday possible AM or early PM hours (good for those who are scared of commute)
Saturday AM hours....

Send me your at least two choices and I will do my the best to make all us happy :)

Wish you a great holly days season which starts at Thanksgiving and looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Action before Thanks Giving....

Moving Spirit to a new home...
Whoever is willing to help, please contact me....I will be there, at the Farm, most of the day, tomorrow and Friday, too...
Just a thought - I will put in smaller storage at FPP most of things we need for Sat lessons, so if it is ever possible to try to move bigger one using trailer or truck...any of this days, that would help a lot...
Maybe Sat after lessons is the best time , as we will have a lot of people to help load...also small mounting ramp might fit into any please, let me know if there is a chance to do it this week, please?

For big mounting ramp we will rent a big truck later....and will need help to unload it at the farm...

Looking forward to hear any feed back, and can not wait to present you a new facility, too.......

Monday, November 9, 2009

Program for week 8th-15th November

Dear Spirit people, riders, friends, supporters....

I am so sorry, and forgive me please, if I created problem to you with consistent changes in plans...All good will we had to keep our PM lessons did not work well, and, so far, we will keep on going with Saturday AM schedule at FPP, and Spirit Farm later (December)

As you recognized, we are about to organize moving project...and I hope with help of great Spirit people team it will be done somehow...

This Tuesday,I will just pick up some things from barn and after feeding horses proceed to Spirit farm as I am already kind a close to it.

Wednesday, Boris and me will do painting work there, or , if he has to go to work I will do as much as I can...and anyone willing to help is more to welcome.

Friday is next day I do not teach at school so it will be a good day to move as much as possible assets from FPP.

At Saturday we will have regular lessons at 10,11,12 and after that we might make another trip with whoever is willing to the Farm ...

That is a draft program for this week and please, let me know if and how you can participate. You can call or email for details on each day.

Thank you all for any help, and looking forward to see you again, maybe Saturday....

Best to all,

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Day by day...

This Saturday lessons was great reminder how much joy Spirit Program brings and whole Team of Spirit People did great job ...Let's hope that next Sat we will be able to repeat the same if weather permits.
Please, note that there are no lessons during a week, just Saturday AM for the youngest riders.
Thanks to Wendy, Therese and Don, new facility has been prepared for painting, and Boris is still working on fixing minor moving and painting project will start next week end.
Please, let us know if anyone has will, time and energy to help about it...
it is related to painting and moving Spirit's assets from FPP to Spirit Farm
Thank you ahead for any help.


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

We are moving to the Spirit Farm!

As most of you already know, Spirit Program is moving away again...
We are thankful to Leslie and Dan for their support, and we will stay close to them, even it is a time to move on.
New facility is only 5 miles longer distance from my home at Arlington, and you can google your way to Spirit Farm:
40685 John Mosby Highway, Aldie
almost ready for us, and there are some adjusting and final preparation in process right now.

For our riders, this means that we will have to make a brake in continuity of lessons until we settle at new farm ...

After numerous contacts with parents, we recognized that it is better to stop PM lessons during the week, so we will try to do only Saturday lessons as scheduled at 7th and 14th for youngest riders.

We will need as much as possible volunteers for those Saturdays, and there are some possible work days at new facility, so please, contact me if you are willing to participate...
Thank you for your patience and I am looking forward to see you at new facility soon.

Stay in touch!