Saturday, February 27, 2010

Good news - Back in the saddle in March!

Good news for riders - even Saturday lessons are still on hold, it seems that we are ready to go for evening lessons in indoor again. Parking spot i s dry and almost dry, indoor ring is warm and we can continue riding again :)
Please check draft schedule, and confirm that you accept your spot, or if your name is not at schedule, let me know which spot you are interesting in (Mon or Wed at 6PM)

Our horses Sonny and Solara will come at FPP facility in a week or two, so it will be even more open spots at our schedule, even those two will be more for work in educational and recreational then therapeutic training, due of lack of experience and need of some work out...

Thank you for your patience, and looking forward to hearing from you. Please note that I need your confirmation about accepting your spot or it will be given away.

Also, invitation for volunteers to sign up for their time to help and even ride Sonny and Solara during a re-training period....
Best wishes for the end of this long winter,

6 PM
... ?

5 PM

Thanks to great people - and ready to back to weekly lessons again!

Julia, Deb, Jeff and Boris...Thank you so much for doing more than has been planned...field for Solara and Sonny is almost ready, and I hope to see them at FPP soon...

Good news for all who are ready and willing to come and ride at week evenings, Monday and Wednesday at 5 and 6 PM...

As some of you announced that will wait for Saturday morning lessons, please let me know who is available to come (to ride and to help).

Thanks, and can not wait to see you again,
Dada :)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Plans for Saturday 02/27

Dear families, helpers and riders.
Hope that you manage through this extended winter well and that like I do, you miss our moments with kids and Spirit Program.
This is just to let you know that all is well, just we can not set up program activities, until condition at the ground, in the ring and at the road to the indoor ring improve (dry out), as well as we need warm weather and dry riding ring for Saturday lessons.
Thank you for your patience, and, please, stay in touch...

As you know, our horses Solara and Sonny are still at Great Falls, and we have to prepare the field for them.
This Saturday might be a good day to start working on it.
Option is 2-3 hours (9-12) cleaning action - part of the field (near by that one where Infinity and CD are now). Boris will need some help to put modular fences, so if you have waterproof boots, we will have gloves for you, warm tea and snack, too.
There is an option to help for all, no matter of size and strength...just, please, contact me by e mail to confirm that you can come...

Thank you and hope to see you this Saturday,
best to all,

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hoping for lessons next Saturday Feb/27

Winter is still strong, outdoor ring is under untouched snow, but melting is in process. Field and road from field to indoor is not safe, water, mud and sometime ice in the evening...all above, plus bad forecast for next week, snow and rain ...and we have to cancel week lessons for a week Feb/21-27

There is a chance to have lessons at Saturday, Feb/27 if snow will melt, and riding ring became usable, but will post news about it later in the week.

Thank you for your patience, and get ready to ride soon...



Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Visited Solara and Sonny today...see them...
Can not wait to come back to work at FPP :)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Sorry, no lessons...

...even indoor in FPP is nice and dry, it is not safe to walk from field to the riding facilities for volunteers and for horses, too.

Saturday lessons will wait until temperature come above 40 degrees.

Any question or comment, please, post it it might be interesting for all.

Miss you all, Spirit Team people, and riders, moms, dads...

Hope that March will bring a change...

Take care, and stay warm and safe...

Friday, February 12, 2010

No riding tomorrow...

...and most likely, no riding at Monday as forecast is not good at all...

Good news - finally, I find the way to allow to all to post their comments...It is kind a too late, but at least, it works now :)

Take care and stay in touch with Spirit,


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Spirit Para equestrian blog!

Long time had a plan to make it, and those snow days made me make it.
New Spirit Blog!

About Matt, Spirit's founder and the first Para equestrian rider, about Wendy, first USA medalist in history of Para equestrian who is in Spirit Team now, for Becky and her future competitions...and all around and between those stories....national and international, about trainings, horses, competitions, experiences, plans and dreams...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Games to stay tuned...

It is still snowing.
I have no idea when we will be ready to go on, but all things happen for a reason, so, stay in touch and hope to see you soon with our horses at FPP.
Volunteers, please be ready for at least one, and maybe more riding sessions to put our herd in working mode again after this brake...
Also we would have to prepare new field for Sonny and Solara, so Spirit will need extra helping hands and skills...Let me know if you can and want to help about it.
To stay tuned, here you are some fun virtual games about and around horses, for all ages...
Try most of us are near computer this days (if power is still on)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Have a fun this snow days!

Dear riders, families, helpers and Spirit Team

I hope that you are all safe and warm and can not wait to continue with our lessons, but it seems that we will have to wait for it...

Our horses are well, enough hay and warm shelter, and I am sure that they miss us, too.

While we wait, here are some ideas for kids how to stay in touch with horses with you help...check this link about simple craft projects related to horses

Or for those who like to color, there is a link with free printable coloring pictures

Picture above if you click on and print it is good start... :)

Hoping to seeing you soon, stay in touch with Spirit and bring all what you create together using web pages above...maybe we can make an exhibition of that, later...

Take care and stay warm,

Friday, February 5, 2010

Stay warm and safe....

To all Spirit riders, families and helpers...this picture as reminder of nice moments with our four-legged partners in program...and the best wishes waiting for Spring time...

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Education about safety for volunteers and riders, parents and instructors...

Instead of lessons, read this to be safer around horses :)

For those who wants more can find it here

On the ground:

  • Be calm and quiet. Sudden moves can cause a horse to shy (jump sideways) or kick out.

  • The safest way to lead a horse is with a halter and lead rope. Don't hook your fingers through the halter straps, rings or the bit. If the horse pulls away, your fingers could be caught, injuring them or catching your hand so that you are dragged.

  • Never stand directly behind a horse. If you are grooming its tail, stand to one side and pull the tail gently over.

  • When cleaning a horse's hooves or putting on leg bandages, don't squat or kneel. Bend over so that if the horse moves you can get out of the way quickly.

  • Never loop lead ropes, longe lines, or reins around your hands or any other body part. If your horse pulls away, you could be dragged.

  • Feed treats from buckets or tubs. Horses can very quickly become greedy and mistake fingers for carrots.

  • Wear sturdy shoes or boots that will protect your feet if your horse or pony steps on them. No sandals or thin shoes!

  • When tying use a quick release knot or panic snap so that if your horse gets scared and pulls he can quickly be freed. The feeling of being constrained can make a scared horse panic to the point of hurting himself or you.

  • The safest place to stand is beside your horse's shoulder where you can see each other, or about 10 or more feet away.

  • When grooming, saddling up, or cleaning your horse's stall, tie your horse up. A loose horse in a barn can cause havoc. And don't leave a tied horse unattended.

  • When going through a doorway, make sure the door is wide open so the horse doesn't hit itself on it. This can startle the horse and result in you being trampled or dragged.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Did he see his shadow?

I do not know about ground hog, but weather seems to be nice, mostly if you enjoy view through window.
Today, Wednesday,02/03, as well as Saturday, 02/06, it will be no lessons .
I hope that the end of this winter is close, and looking forward to meeting all riders and Spirit Team next week.
Take care and stay warm,