Saturday, June 29, 2013


It was a rainy Friday, but it seems that we shall have a great Saturday for lessons today

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Friday/Saturday riders

Dear Friday and Saturday riders, I am hoping for good weather this week end as we shall have regular lessons. Please, note that you should purchase a Yearly Riding Pass at the Park, to continue sessions with Spirit Program. It is easy, you can do it at Visitor center at the Frying Pan Farm Park week days 9-5, or just call them at 703-437-9101 and use your credit card for it. You do not have to mention specifically that you ride with us. It is just standard fee for usage of equestrian facility. Please, have your passes ready when you are coming. If you do not want to be scheduled to ride Friday or Saturday any more, please, let me know so we can fill up your spot. Thank you for being with Spirit, and looking forward to seeing you soon. Sincerely, Dada

Monday, June 24, 2013

Lessons tonight

T-storms 40% chance of precipitation Stay positive, Lessons will be in indoor ring. For volunteers, horses are in their stalls, if it is raining just put blankets on them and bring them to the indoor. See you there :)

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Welcome riders for the first Summer 4-Week Class

Dear "old" and "new" students at the Spirit Open Equestrian Program and
Dear new volunteers,

Please, take a time to explore this Blog, the Spirit web site, and like us on Facebook.

There you can find daily updates about program activities,  all the information you might need, and you can give us feedback or ask questions.

If you haven't already, please find links to these forms: the Registration form for Participants or Volunteers, and the Waiver for everyone. Please complete, sign, and submit or print the forms and bring them for your first lesson time.

For lesson Participants:  The medical part of the form, for those who need to submit it, should be a hard copy signed by your physician.

For possible cancellations, it is a good idea to register at HERE to receive text messages.

Looking forward to seeing you soon :)

First Summer Camps at Spirit

We had a great time with first campers this year last week

Now we are ready for the first Summer 4 week class starting this Monday 
See you there :)

Friday, June 21, 2013

Annual Riding Pass at the Frying Pan Farm Park

Dear Saturday and Friday riders, 
Please purchase your annual passes at the Park if you want to continue your therapeutic riding time as scheduled. 
Thank you in advance, 

Show at the Park and no lessons this Friday and Saturday

Dear all,
I am so sorry to let you know that for this Friday and Saturday, we shall have to cancel lessons at Spirit Open Equestrian Program. 
Thank you for understanding and hoping to see you next week.

Show at the Park and no lessons this Friday and Saturday

Dear all,
I am so sorry to let you know that for this Friday and Saturday, we shall have to cancel lessons at Spirit Open Equestrian Program. 
Thank you for understanding and hoping to see you next week.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Week of June 17-21

Are you ready for the first Summer Camp week at Spirit?
See you Monday-Friday 9-12 AM at the Spirit Barn 


Hello to all,
lessons as scheduled and dressage show for volunteer mentors this Saturday.
Looking forward to seeing you at the Park tomorrow
Best wishes,

Thursday, June 13, 2013


Still dry weather, but lot of warnings about possible storms.
For those interested to help, we can take of horses at 5 PM if it is not raining :)

Thursday 06/13/2013

That is why horses will be in the stalls today and no lessons will be today afternoon

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Spirit at Celebrate Fairfax this past weekend

Thank you to all the volunteers who turned out to help Spirit celebrate Fairfax this past weekend: Deanna R., Julia S., Cara F., Sam V., Cathy Gruber, Becca B., Zoe G., and Becky M.  

The weather wasn't always so great, but they showed up anyway.  

Thank you all.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Update About Lessons Tonight

Update about lessons tonight for Monday riders: due to the weather (tornado watch in effect until 10 pm), if you still have a makeup lesson, please come at 6 pm, there will be NO LESSONS AT 7 PM. We will be outside in the lower ring if it's not raining at 6. If it is raining, we'll be in the indoor. 

Volunteers: we will still meet at 5 pm at the field and will add filling hay nets to our preparations and field work. 

Friday, June 7, 2013

Reminder: No Lessons Tonight (Friday) or Tomorrow (Saturday)

Just a reminder that there will be no lessons at SPIRIT tonight or tomorrow morning. The Difficult Run Pony Club has horse trials all weekend and we don't have access to any ring. Also, the weather is still calling for rain all day and through tomorrow morning. Sorry!! :(

Volunteers: tonight will just be short field work/care if it's not raining too hard and tomorrow morning will be much of the same. If the weather is dry tomorrow morning, volunteers are especially encouraged to come because we will use the opportunity to clean and organize our tack (9 am to 11 am). If it's raining, we will just do short field work in the morning. Volunteers should arrive no earlier than 9 am tomorrow.

Also, a big thank you to all our volunteers last night and Leslie for a great lesson! I especially want to thank all the volunteers who stayed and helped fill hay nets in the heavy rain, to make sure our horses were warm, dry, and well fed in their stalls last night!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

This weekend no lessons at Spirit (Friday and Saturday)

Regarding this weekend - weather forecast is not good, but even without it, there is a big equestrian show (hosting by Difficult Run Pony club), which will use all rings, so lessons will be canceled. 
I am sorry for any inconvenience that decision might create. 
Hoping to see you at the week end of 15th, if weather and Park activity let us do our lessons. 
volunteers are welcome at the usual time to help taking care of horses an field. 
Best wishes, and have a great week, 

Ride for Spirit 3013

Short movie with some riders and nice moments of this week end show. Spirit presented over 25 riders from Educational and Therapeutic classes.with great team of volunteers it was joyful and energizing event. Thank you all who helped it happen.