Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year!

I wish you a Happy New Year and  hope that 2015 will bring a lot of Spirit in your life :)

Monday, December 29, 2014

You can help

Dear Friends
Please consider giving to SPIRIT Open Equestrian Program, Inc. today and help us start stronger in 2015
We expect high vet costs soon, and would like to fence and seed some good grass at a part of our field. Can you help us?
Donate by midnight December 31 to make sure your gift counts toward the 2014 tax year. Online donations are secure and guaranteed to be processed immediately. Paypal button is at our website

If you are mailing in a check donation, please send your donation to
Spirit OEP,
2705 West Ox Rd,
Herndon, VA 20171

Thank you for your generosity to Spirit in 2014.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Missing Mr Higgins

Please, share - mr Higgins, our cat, main coon, male gray and white tabby, did not come home since Christmas. Last time seen at the Frying Pan Farm Park, near the Spirit barns.
If you have seen him or know anything, please contact Spirit Team at
Reward for info leading to having him back home.

Photo: Please, share - mr Higgins, our cat, main coon, male gray and white tabby, did not come home since Christmas. Last time seen at the Frying Pan Farm Park, near the Spirit barns.
If you have seen him or know anything, please contact Spirit Team at
Reward for info leading to having him back home.


Our old mare Infinity Ily is back at Spirit. This time we have space for her to keep her safe and happy. Thank you Louise for keeping her for a year
I am glad that we are ready now to take care of this great mare.
What a great opportunity for the whole team, EAL students and everyone around to learn important life lessons.
Life has it's magic circle, and being beautiful, healthy, strong and young even if it happens all together, never last forever .
Friendship and love last longer than just a period of having fun together
There is a great joy and it is rewarding to take care of old friend even if clock is ticking, because if we can not heal or reverse a time, we can create some nice moments and assure that she is not forgotten, and will never be.

We do know that Infinity is on her way to meet Courtney, but until that moment come she will be with people who take care of her and remember her from 7 years ago - beautiful, strong, smart and spirited Morgan mare who carried on her back hundreds of Spirit riders of all ages, abilities and special needs....and she did take care of all of them well.
Now is our turn to take care of her.
I know that Spirit Team will do it the best way 


Saturday, December 20, 2014

Volunteer Appreciation Day

Thursday, December 18, 2014

See you this Saturday!

Dear friends and families!
Donor Appreciation Day, Saturday, December/20th at noon time at Higgins (Farm) House!
It is a Open House for friends and families, riders and parents....
Come and share stories and pictures, sweet memories of 2014, celebrate all of them and exchange hugs and best wishes with Spirit Team.
RVSP at the Event here to give us an idea how much soup, pizza and cookies we need 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Stay at home warm and cozy :)

Thursday Dec /18th - sorry , no EAL or Volunteer training :(

Monday, December 15, 2014

Dear Santa....

Dear Santa,
beside Farm, hay and some $, Spirit would be able to use:

Office equipment - specifically,
Canon XL240/241 ink
2 drawer filing cabinet
Hope we deserved it 
Thank you!

Spirit Team

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Winter trail ride or extra Therapeutic Riding lesson for you!

EAL students and famililes of our Therapeutic Riding students, help Spirit to say Thank You, and send best wishes to our donors and supporters!
Open for all volunteers as well.
Share your story what keeps you with Spirit and about miracles you witnessed. 
Let's send best wishes and thank you to those who help Spirit!

Contest for the best Thank You/Greeting card
First three the best greeting cards will win winter trail ride or extra individual TR lesson 

It has been hand written, creative and personal note with seasonal good wishes addressed to "Spirit Donor/Supporter/Benefactor" or you can choose the name at the list of donors at the Blog

No limit on cards you can bring
We need them before or at Saturday/Dec/20th - at our Volunteer Appreciation Day gathering at the Farm.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Busy Saturday and happy herd :)

EAL, volunteer training, horse care and construction project -two sheds

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Joy, peace and relaxation at the field

Seasonal greetings from Spirit Horses (they were all laying down before I came with phone to make a photo :) )

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

It is a Holiday Season !!!

No Therapeutic or Beginners Riding Classes until a week starting Monday, Jan/12th

Volunteer Schedules - to be sure what is going on, or to put your name into the schedule, please use THIS shared doc 

Intensive Volunteer Training (for old and new volunteers) will be done Saturdays Dec 13th and 20th 

VOLUNTEER APPRECIATION DAY - Dec/20th (after training) noon-3 PM - Dear volunteers, come celebrate and have fun at the Farm!

December show went great!

See PHOTOS from the event Dec/6th

Thank you all wonderful people who helped it happen :)

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Good to know about Spirit -

The Spirit mission is to provide therapy, learning and improvement of life skills healing of the body, mind and spirit - using Equine-Assisted Activities.

If it is easier to say what Spirit is not, here it is - we are not commercial or riding club, we do not rent our horses, or provide any similar activities.
We are right about to start a Capital Campaign to assure a long term home for Spirit and it is very important what kind of message we are sending about us.

Our Vision is to teach, heal and improve life skills...and we do it in different programs and formats.

There is a growing scientific branch of research that verifies the benefits of human interactions with horses and how it can be used to improve a quality of life for people of different condition and age.
Spirit Organization is part of that growing movement. It includes all levels of physical, intellectual and emotional benefits for individuals and community. And we have seen the results!

The Ride for Spirit event is to help people understand and see the results of our Mission.

It is not about Pony Rides, and most of the time is not about horseback riding at all...even it seems to be for someone who does not understand Spirit's Mission.

Understanding our mission (and how we are unique equestrian program in area) is a responsibility of the each of us - members of Spirit Team. Our story is about how horses can change our lives, how they can teach us about important life skills, how they can help us heal body, mind and spirit. That is what Spirit does and that is what we need support for.

Thank you for all you do for Spirit to keep it work and grow.
Best wishes and blessings to all...and see you Saturday if not before