Friday, May 29, 2015

Results and plan for tomorrow

Congratulation to the best dressage ridden test at Ride for SPIRIT Event:
1. Rachel VanHorn & Huckleberry 79%
2. Emme Warren & Cecelia 78%
3. Ayah Syeed & Sky 76%
4. Abby Schwall & Buttercup 75%
5. Caroline Warren & Sky, Caitlyn Sherman & Lady, Sarah Bayley & Lady, Sabine Soltys 74%
6. DeeAnna Gumas 71%
7. Rachel Soltys & Sky, Anna Soltys & Buttercup 69%

And my respect and congrats to all other riders who presented great horsemanship riding at Dressage part of Ride for SPIRIT event last Saturday.

Tomorrow, after thereapeutic riding classes we shall celebrate those results and gather to say Good bye to Janina, great friend and volunteer at SPIRIT.
Janina is leaving back home to Switzerland, but we all hope to see her soon again :)

We have some cookies and I will make a soup for all!
See you there!

Next week we have reduced time for activities - 6-8 PM EAL students and volunteer training program :)  Mon- Thur, and Mon - Wen at week of June 8th.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Cancelation tonight

Sorry...damaging thunderstorms are possible this afternoon and evening. 
Residents all across the Baltimore and Washington DC Metro areas 
should monitor this situation very closely and ensure your NOAA 
weather radios are set to alert Mode. Severe weather warnings may 
become necessary. Here are some safety rules to keep in mind when 
severe weather is expected or is occurring.

If a warning is issued... seek shelter indoors immediately. A severe 
thunderstorm is defined as producing quarter size or greater hail 
and wind gusts of 58 mph or more. 

Tornadoes often form very rapidly from severe thunderstorms. If
you are in a Tornado Watch... and a Severe Thunderstorm Warning is
issued for your area... monitor local conditions closely and be
ready to take quick action to save your life.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Time off for 10 days this Summer :)

No program activities at PM hours June 11th-21st. See you at the CAMP 22nd 9 AM or June 29th at First Summer Class at 5 PM.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Happy Memorial Day to everyone and Schedule for weeks ahead :)

Dear everyone, thank you for what we have done together this Saturday. Hope you are relaxed and ready for great summer.

Schedule between two classes:

Tomorrow, Memorial Day Monday we shall still have lessons, celebrating those who served with our service :)

Next whole week is the second "make up" week after 8 weeks Spring Class, and all regular activity schedule is active - Mon-Thur 5-8 for volunteers and EAL students, and 6-7 and 7-8 for Therapeutic and Wednesday EAL class

There are few spots still open in Thursday Therapeutic Riding Class, starting at week of June 22nd. Register before it is too late. Call Visitor Center at Frying Pan Farm Park - easy and fast way to assure lesson time at first of two Summer 4 weeks Classes

June 1st - 10th Time for EAL students to take care, work, learn and ride - celebrate end of the school year. We shall reduce activity time to 6-8 Mon-Thur. Saturday

June 11th - 21st - no Program activities at SPIRIT > short summer break before morning week Camps at week of 22nd and 29th, and first Summer Class starting June 29th.

If you have questions, please, contact
Happy Memorial Day to all

Ride for SPIRIT emotions and thank you message :)

No words to say how great day it was.
All riders won today.
Eleven our horses worked hard for over three hours, giving their legs and strong backs, presenting patience of gentle giants. They danced in walk and trot for over 50 riders of age 3 and above....showing and celebrating trust, partnership, communication and abilities of all of them
SPIRIT riders at Therapeutic Riding program, presented their skills and abilities on horses. Almost all of them achieved to trot independent on their horses, enjoying freedom, control and joy of partnership with Spirit (the mare), Lucinda, Stitch, Huckleberry, Buttercup and Glory.
Thank you Sarah Morehouse, and Karen Statman , our Instructors for safe and victorious ride of each rider in Therapeutic Riding class. Thank you, Mira, Ilana, Colin, Michelle, Mike, Jenny, Jeanne, Caroline, Emme, Caitlyn, both Rachel girls, Abby, Ayah, Megan, both Sarah girls, DeeAnna, Phoebe, Sabine, Anna, Effie and more dedicated volunteers. Forgive me if I did not mention all of you who were in the ring keeping every child on horse happy, safe and helping to celebrate their skills.
SPIRIT students and riders at EAL class, worked to support Therapeutic Class, and presented own riding skills riding Intro B dressage test, showing impressive level of horsemanship and great riding skills. Becky, thank you for your leadership and management skills to keep presentations in dressage ring of both groups well organized and showing their the best. Thank you Maria for judging and Shruti for helping to Maria.
This ride was for the most of riders the first time public riding of dressage test, and it is just a start of future great show riding for some of them for sure. So proud of each of them. Proud of their horsemanship skills, and more than that, proud of their hard work to help their friends in Therapeutic Riding Class today and always.
At third part of the Frying Pan Farm Park indoor ring was a special space for children, guests at Ride for SPIRIT event today. Huey, Chuck, Naomi, Stevie, Scarlett, Anna and EAL students created special experience for kids of age 12 and below. They had an opportunity to learn first steps toward horsemanship, and even try what it means to ride on Coco, Sky, Cece, Samson and Lady. I am so proud of this group of SPIRIT people for this part of presentation.
Laura, thank you for commenting, announcing and adding special personal tone to the whole event.
Did I tell you that this Ride for SPIRIt event had Patrons?
Patty and Huey Sulllivan surprised us with special donation supporting this celebration of abilities and skills of our students.
Thank you Patty and Huey!
Our patrons with Cathy, Doreen, Mary Frances, Kelly, Alexis, Maria, Antony, Laura, Brenda, Jane and many more volunteers who came today just to help at SPIRIT Event, and all who provided baked goods, items for Spin the Wheel game, created opportunity for fundraising part of out program. Thanks to all of them and to those who supported us with donations during the Show.
Thank you Jenny for taking a time to be with us this long but fun morning smile emoticon
Thank you Tim and Alex for trying to preserve special moments today at video and photos...can't wait to see it!
We had special international visitors at the event, leaders of Croatian Paraolimpic Committee - my friends Ratko Kovacic, and his team who attended Sport United program at Department of State this days....(can't believe that was able to see them after 10 years since I left CRO)
This is the longest post I ever wrote, for sure.
Just had to try to write some of my feelings.
My heart is full
Thank you all for keeping SPIRIT vision alive and serve our great community at NOVA with FCPA, creating healing and learning opportunities with horses.

Friday, May 22, 2015

RIDE FOR SPIRIT tomorrow at 10 AM

Dear everyone,
Riders, families, volunteers.
Thank you so much for all you do and will do tomorrow to present SPIRIT in action and to celebrate accomplishments of our riders in Therapeutic and Learning program

Please, when you come go first to the Event Office (last room on you right when you enter into the indoor ring), to register and we are ready to go!

Looking forward to seeing you all, and good luck to all our riders
See you tomorrow!

McLean Bible Church groups

Feeling lucky and blessed that SPIRIT is a host for great group of people from McLean Bible Church
this days

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

International Para sport group, seven nations and even Croatian Team visited SPIRIT

SPIRIT was a proud host for an international group of leaders from seven countries for Para sports 
Looking forward to seeing again new friends at our event at Saturday

Monday, May 18, 2015

Spring Classes is over, get ready for the Summer

Dear families and riders
our 8 weeks Spring class finished last week and next two weeks we shall run our make up lessons.
If you missed any lesson, and for those days when we had to cancel, please, consider coming at the same day and time to do make up session.
In case you do not miss any lesson and still want to continue your time with SPIRIT for next two weeks, you can purchase one or two additional lessons directly at SPIRIT
I hear several families planning to do it and wanted to be sure that everyone know about this opportunity. Just let me know if you are emoticon
Thank you for your time with SPIRIT and I am looking forward to see the most of you again.
Summer classes are open and you can register at the Visitor Center 2709 West Ox Road • Herndon, Virginia 20171 ; by calling • 703-437-9101 or on line at Parktakes
Just few open slots available, so be fast smile emoticon please
Best wishes for this summer

Friday, May 15, 2015

Sponsors wanted :)

Ride for SPIRIT Show,
Frying Pan Farm Park, Indoor ring; Saturday, May 23rd 10 AM - 2 PM

FULL PAGE COLOR AD (7.5” x 4.5”)
Your personal photograph and/or message to participant, volunteer, class or horse.
Presenting your business name, address and logo at the event poster;
*Show Patrons will have the honor of presenting ribbons to one class!
SHOW SUPPORTER—$100 1/2 PAGE COLOR AD (4” x 4.5”)
Your personal photograph and/or message to participant, volunteer, class or horse
SHOW FRIEND —$50 1/4 PAGE COLOR AD (2” x 4.5”) Your personal photograph and/or message to participant, volunteer, class or horse.

All ads, messages, logos  and photograph will be presented at posters during the event and on social media of SPIRIT Open Equestrian Program, Inc (Blog, FB)

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Ride for SPIRIT!

Over 30 participants at the Ride for SPIRIT already registered!
Need your help to celebrate achievements of SPIRIT kids

Come and help to assure the maximum of success of our presentation. 
If you feel that you would be able and want to help - there is a need at certain areas such as:
  • Volunteering part time or during the whole event
  • Helping with collecting prizes for raffle game 
  • Helping with finding sponsors
Contact me if you can & want to help to create a great event and celebrate achievements of our students.
HERE you can sign in to help....

Thank you in advance, and looking forward to hearing from you

Friday, May 8, 2015

Sunday plans

EAL students - practice Sunday 10 AM for Dressage show. 
RSVP to 

Registration form for Ride for SPIRIT

Print it or send it on line, and submit your registration...
Thank you and looking forward to see you at the Show 


Our Ride for SPIRIT event is open for our 4H friends.
Contact us if you would like to attend, please 
Dressage Intro B test or even Pony games are available

Volunteers trained in program activities and EAL students, please put your name in a row next to the horse you want to be assign to :)

Volunteer chart for Ride for SPIRIT

Come and show your Spirit :)

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Cancellation - strong storms in area

Weather is not friendly today. 
I need a boat to go home....Lessons canceled.
Sorry frown emoticon

Friday, May 1, 2015

Let's Ride for SPIRIT May 23rd at 10 AM

Registration Sheet for EAL students (Mentors & Assistants, too) is ready.
Please put your name in this document so we can make schedule.
Contact me if you have any questions :)

Sunday at 11 AM first practice day for EAL riders
See you!