Wednesday, August 26, 2015

End of the Summer 2015

Summer Class (second) and Summer Camp finishing this Friday.
Next week starting August 31st will be dedicated to MLBC Access Ministry time 11-12 smile emoticon
Busy summer - learning and healing moments of joy and new accomplishments at SPIRIT
Thank you all who are helping us that happen.

Friday, August 21, 2015

The Spirit of the SPIRIT

Thank you Chris Colvin for your work on promoting SPIRIT Story....
Thank you Lauren for one of the best capturing the Spirit of SPIRIT...
If you care, then share this and help us to keep on going...

Rough edit from the yet-to-be named documentary supporting SPIRIT Open Equestrian. #colvinmediagroup. Twitter: @colvinmediagrp. IG:...

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Be brave!

Be Brave. ...And show your SPIRIT!
SPIRIT knows our riders, students, and program participants are certainly brave! Now you can buy a Bravelet's bracelet to show your bravery, strength, and courage! When you do, Bravelets will donate $10 to SPIRIT!
Just like SPIRIT, Bravelet's mission is to inspire strength, hope, and courage because as their website says, "There are times in all our lives where we need to be brave - whether for ourselves, for our family, for our friends or even for a complete stranger. Bravelet's (TM) bracelets are more than just something to wear on your wrist. They are a symbol of hope, strength, and courage. They are designed to help you be brave and the toughest of times."

Some nice photos after storm tonight

Thank you, Laura for capturing those moments :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Samson, and other seniors at the SPIRIT herd may need your help

Big Heart, Big Hooves, Big...Hurt

Maybe you noticed that we had a vet recently, more than usually,  at the field, last several weeks....
Samson, our gentle giant seems to be older that we were thinking...
We are proud to say that he is in great shape since he came (and we saved his life), so his real age was not so visible...until recently....
Vet checked and announced that we have ( 25 or more ) years old huge draft horse in good condition, beside his legs, and hooves which are creating some painful moments for our big friend. Recurring abscesses,  beside ring bones and arthritic changes, and most likely keratoma (tumor) in one hoof are the issues we ( Samson, friends and caring vets from Hoof and Paw, Purceville together with SPIRIT Team) deal with .
The story goes on...Sally the newest mare we saved recently, seems to have neurological issues which will put her out of riding activities with us, and Infinity, our veteran on retirement plan are the most often clients for vet service at our field...beside regular procedures of care we provide for all our horses. 
If you care and if you want to help us dealing with different invoices coming regarding our commitment to take care of all our horses and keep them happy, comfortable and out of pain as long as possible, go to link in title and find the way to help.

As non-profit dedicated to the highest standards and our Mission, we handle this situation creating for our Equine Assisted Learning group a great lesson about ethical approach and responsibility to take care of elders and friends in pain, even if they can not provide expected or desired work any more...

The whole group of older horses still participate in our service to community as teachers and partners at unmounted activities....

Thank you for any help you can provide, by donating or sharing our story. 

Friday, August 14, 2015

Thanks to our fans, we are one of the first winners of a 2015 Top-Rated Award from GreatNonprofits! Read our great reviews and add your story!

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Keep up the good work!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Lessons Tuesday 8/11

Head up SPIRIT Riders and volunteers!
Today, Tuesday 8/11 there is a horse show at the indoor ring. 
Our lessons may be canceled in case of bad weather. 
Follow up at FB, BLOG and Rained out
if you did not do is time to do it now smile emoticon
Join Spirit Open Equestrian Program text alerts on RainedOut, and you will know if lessons are canceled an hour before planned start.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Driving a Red Wagon

  •  Thank you Karen, Jane, Sarah, Jeff for training you provided and helping Billy to drive wagon in the Park today....Thank you Boris for building this wagon for SPIRIT....
    Congratulations Billy for your dedication, hard work and experience you gave us teaching you how to drive 
  • smile emoticon
     The Best Moment of the Day - seeing Billy's smile and hearing him saying "I have never being at the place like this..." while Glory was trotting through the woods at Frying Pan Farm Park.
  • So proud of community which provides opportunity like this one for people like Billy....Thank you FCPA, and all SPIRIT donors and volunteers for creating moments like this one....


Thank you all who support Samson at his recovery journey... share this and help us cover vet bills if you can....