Sunday, November 29, 2015

Help Spirit kick off the Season of Giving!

#GivingTuesday is coming in 2 days!  Join the worldwide movement! 

SPIRIT Open Equestrian Program will help ring in the season of charity and giving on December 1 by participating in #GivingTuesday!

SPIRITs mission is to provide therapy, learning, improvement of life skills, and healing of the body, mind and spirit – through activities with our horses!  When you give to SPIRIT, you will be helping people with disabilities as well as children, youth, seniors citizens, service  groups and veterans to experience the power of therapy and learning through interactions with noble giants and gentle ponies in SPIRIT herd.

To donate, click here

Thank you for your generosity and Happy Holidays!

~ SPIRIT Open Equestrian Program

Thursday, November 26, 2015


Happy Thanksgiving from the SPIRIT herd! The herd is thankful for Mr. Terry who brought them a Thanksgiving breakfast of carrots and sweet potatoes! We are also so thankful for our friends and family! HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

No lessons nor activities Wednesday 11/25

Sorry, but have to cancel lessons tonight. 
Wish you a great Thanksgiving and looking forward to seeing you later in December (EAL students and volunteers), or in January (Class starts 1/18)
Thank you 
Stay warm and be well

Monday, November 23, 2015


Dear friends, families and students
Thank you so much for another great year together

I hope you had a good time with SPIRIT. We are thankful for any moment we spent together with kids and horses. We all learned and grown a lot since last Thanksgiving and Holidays.

Winter season is around the corner and this is our schedule

until 11/25 - regular schedule for program activities (make up week) 5-8 PM

11/26 Thanksgiving Day - no activities

Saturday 11/28  & Saturday 12/05 - if weather permits -  volunteers, EAL students, mentors - horse, field and barn and equipment care 9 AM -12 PM (Instructors in training and assistants in charge for activities)
Saturday 11/12 - no activities - Silent Auction event. Please join us:

Fundraiser Holiday Event/Raffle/Silent Auction

Kalypso’s Sports Tavern, 1617 Washington Plaza, Reston VA 20190
Saturday December 12, 2015 5:00pm - 9:00pm Live music @ 9:30

Heavy appetizers to include:
Gyro sliders, Wings, Flatbread Pizza, Hummus, Tzatziki & Spicy Feta dip with veggies & pita
Tickets available HERE :)

Week evenings until Monday 12/14 - no activities at the field

Starting Monday 12/14 , 5-7 PM  Activities for EAL  students, Instructors in training, Assistants and very dedicated volunteers during the Holiday season (days off are red numbers in calendar, and any day when Park may be closed)

No Saturday activities until Jan/16

Saturday, Jan/16
VOLUNTEER TRAINING and back to barn Event at our field, or at the Farm if weather is not friendly :)

Starting Jan/18 we continue regular schedule 5-8 PM Mon-Thur

FCPA Winter Classes
·  01/18-02/08/2016 -  First 4 weeks Winter Class
·  02/22-03/07 - Second 4 weeks Winter Class


Show Dates:      1/23/16    2/27/16    3/12/16      4/30/16 
Opening Dates: 12/1/15    1/1/16      2/1/16        3/1/16 
Closing Dates:  1/15/16    2/19/16    3/4/16        4/22/16 

Friday, November 20, 2015


Park is full of horses and trailers for Pre-turkey Horse show, but Saturday is still opportunity to come and give horses TLC, take care of tack and field. 
Hope to see EAL students and volunteers as usual smile emoticon

Thursday, November 19, 2015

No lessons tonight

I am sorry but no lessons tonight. Park has own program indoor and weather does not let us do lessons in outdoor ring.
Take care, stay dry and see you Sat if weather is good.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

R.I.P. dear #420

This mare did not make it longer than 12 hours. She came dehydrated, weak and probably having some kind of colic last evening. 
Vet sad that it was probably too late even then for her.
We gave her comfort and piece to go over the rainbow surrounded by friendly touch and voice
Poor #920 spent her last night in warm stall, with lot of bedding, hay and water she was not able to take, any more.
Sometimes you can save horses from kill pen and give them years of good life, with care and love they deserve.
Sometime it is only 12 hours.
I do not regret.
Hope some of her fiends from kill pen will make it longer.
R.I.P. dear #420

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Fundraiser Holiday Event/Raffle/Silent Auction

Fundraiser Holiday Event/Raffle/Silent Auction

Kalypso’s Sports Tavern, 1617 Washington Plaza, Reston VA 20190
Saturday December 12, 2015 5:00pm - 9:00pm Live music @ 9:30
Tickets available at SPIRIT Office - contact us at
Heavy appetizers to include:
Gyro sliders, Wings, Flatbread Pizza, Hummus, Tzatziki & Spicy Feta dip with veggies & pita

You can purchase your ticket for the event on line using Paypal link below. Your ticket will wait for you at the entrance! 


Report about first EAL Ride4 SPIRIT event

SPIRIT Open Equestrian Program Thank you all who helped today. We celebrated again, SPIRIT and our Mission proving how much horses can do for kids in community smile emoticon

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Show tomorrow! Are you ready?

Hello everyone! With the show around the corner I have a couple more things to remind everyone of:
  • Spirit riders can come to the barn and practice for the show 5-7 Friday evening.
  • When you get to the show, please go to the show office in the indoor to check in and get your welcome packet.
  • It's going to be cold outside, so don't forget coats-- we don't mind at all if rider go into the ring with a jacket covering up your show shirt.
  • Spirit riders, we had to do some horse reassignments for people riding Buttercup. These riders have already been emailed, but please be aware that you might end up sharing a horse with more people than you originally thought. On that note, Huckleberry will be working a lot, so please try to warm up minimally on him and give him lots of breaks. 
See how it looks like to grow with Spirit HERE

We just saved two mares from kill pen !

Saving their lives so they can heal and teach at SPIRIT Team

Friday, November 6, 2015

No Therapeutic riding lessons this Saturday

Few showers predicted at 8, 9 and 10 AM tomorrow frown emoticon
No indoor available.
We have to cancel therapeutic class tomorrow. 
Volunteers and EAL students make your choice to come and help about horse care or stay at home safe and dry. 
Next week is the last one of Fall 8 weeks class.
See you Monday