Thursday, January 28, 2016

Spirit Team is the best!

What a day! Proud and happy that Spirit Team is doing well without me smile emoticon
Thank you all who committed to help!
Sue, I will have a surgery Monday and will call you as soon as I wake up smile emoticon
Volunteers, old and new, come to training session this Saturday at 9 AM and get ready for first Winter Class starting Monday, please!
We need all volunteers and EAL students to assure SPIRIT to be safe and fun (like always)

Thank you

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Let's go, SPIRIT!

Wednesday - Park is open again!
Volunteers, EAL students, Assistants and Instructors in training - we are back to the 5-7 schedule, getting ready for Winter Class starting Monday Feb 1st
This Winter Class we have lessons and activities Mon, Tue and Wed, - 5-8 PM
Take care and stay safe
smile emoticon
(and do not go to an attic, ever  )
tongue emoticon

Tuesday, Jan 26

Park is still closed today. 
Take care and stay warm. 
Get ready to resume Spirit activities as soon as Park opens. 
Park Winter Class starts next Monday, Feb 1st
Stay in touch smile emoticon

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Activities for EAL students and Volunteers and delay of Park Class

Dear SPIRIT Team, 
this Storm Event is behind us now and we are heading to delayed Winter Class. 
Still can not define starting day, and most likely it will not happen before Wednesday, or even next Monday.
We shall "play by ear" with this class, and do our the best as always, but taking care of safety and wise management is the first issue.
As soon as Park opens, EAL activities and training opportunity for new volunteers are back on schedule 5-7
Assistants and Instructors in training are in charge of this program and will organize, horse and field care, riding time for EAL students, and training for volunteers.
Thank you all who took care of our Program, Farm and Herd and still do - Jeff Wallace, Boris Suvak Šuco, Laura Welsh made Spirit survive this historic storm.

Storm is over :)

Thank you Jeff, Laura Welsh and Boris Suvak Šuco for keep SPIRIT Open Equestrian Program safe and functioning even in the extreme weather. In case that anyone is concerned about horses, let me tell you a good thing. They can not be happier and feeling better then today. Blankets and stalls keep them warm and cozy during the storm and now it is time to have some fun. As soon as their blankets will be taken off, they will be able to enjoy in snow bath and be themselves. Too bad that warm weather is on it's way and this beautiful white will be replaced with muddy coverage all over the place.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Not an ordinary winter

Dear Fiends of SPIRIT, hope you are all well prepared for this storm. 
FYI, at SPIRIT Farm all is well, horses have their blankets on (Thank you Deb, Caroline and Emme!), open stalls and hay in them, full feeders and water tanks. Knowing them - they will have fun rolling in a snow as long as it is around smile emoticon
Thank you all who helped so far to prepare our herd and who will take care of them during the week end (Laura and Boris)
Park has been closed since noon time today.
Not sure when it is going to open, so stay in touch and follow us here and at Blog to find out about plans and activities next week.
Ms Sue will be able to come Tuesday ( probably not Monday if roads are not clear) and I am thankful that she is going to take care of Park classes.
We need maximum support and commitment from all of you, volunteers, EAL students, Assistants and Instructors in training. More details to come in e-mail soon.
Take care and stay warm and dry this week end.
I miss you and can not wait to be back but this might last longer than I want for sure.
Let's see how SPIRIT will function without me on site and on just a "remote control":
I know that we can do it

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Sue, Assistants, EAL students, new volunteers - are you ready

Straight from FB :D

Park classes start this coming Monday!
Thank you Sue Bell for helping out - you are an angel as always :)smile emoticon
We still look to hire PATH certified instructors as my leg will need a long healing period


Show 1/23/16- Canceled due to blizzard
Stay warm and dry and see you in February

Monday, January 18, 2016

Winter Session Delayed a Week - Get Well Soon Dada!

Sorry SPIRIT riders but we have to cancel our therapeutic riding classes for this week.  We will still have EAL activities at the farm from 5 to 6pm.  Dada had a little spill this morning and is now on crutches.  She is doing very well and her spirits are high but she's not going to be able to do classes this week.   We will plan to do unmounted activities, grooming,  feeding, and mucking until she returns.

In the meantime, please send out a lots of warm wishes and Get Well Soons!   She is still checking Facebook and on her computer so she will see all the warm wishes you send her!

 We love you Dada, feel better soon!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Service for Don

 The service info is listed below.

 Thursday, Jan 28th

 Location: Truro Anglican Church
                  10520 Main Street
                  Fairfax, VA 22030

 Time: Service:3 PM


Think/write of things that we are grateful for pertaining to Don.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Way to support Clark Family

If you want to help, please send your check or contribution by Paypal with notice - for Clark Family, and we shall process it right away.
Thank you!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Remembering Our Friend, Don Clark

SPIRIT Family and Friends,

We are sad to share with you that our good friend, Don Clark, passed away this morning. Don was one of our first volunteers. He and the whole Clark family have been a part of our SPIRIT Family for almost 9 years. Don was caring, giving, and hard working. SPIRIT was one of his favorite places to be and he dedicated his time and energy to help with anything that was needed.  SPIRIT would not be the same today without Don and his family.

We are grateful and blessed for having known Don and we ask that you keep the Clark family in your thoughts and prayers.