Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter!

Dear friends,
Wish you a very Happy Easter!

Friday, March 25, 2016

Tomorrow Spirit needs more helping hands :)

Spring break is over - come and help our Therapeutic Riding students to ride with SPIRIT
This Saturday our the youngest riders are back - Aaron, Amira, Suhani, Michael heart emoticon. Senior riders Melissa, Noah and Zoey will be there, too.
Volunteers, come and help them to push their limits and show abilities they have.

Friday, March 18, 2016

No Saturday activities

I am so sad. Weather delayed start for our Saturday Therapeutic riding Class this Saturday
Rain, showers, and then steady rain.
All activities canceled
Hoping for better weather next Sat
Take care and stay warm and dry
This is the last bite of Winter Season, let's be patient

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Spring Break EAA at Spirit

Horseback riding and time to learn about horses for the youngest
SPRING BREAK Equine Assisted Activities at Spirit Open Equestrian Program for walk ins age 7-11 yo
Limited space
Every morning March 21st - 25th
Park at Frying Pan Farm Park and come to Spirit Field. If you want to ride at the riding ring, purchase daily pass at the Equestrian Office
Registration time 9.30-10 AM
EAA Horsemanship Workshop session time 10-11.30 - Meet SPIRIT ponies, have a riding time and learn about safety, body language, horse care, ground work and games
Time to take a photo with Coco 11.30-12.00
Questions -

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Saturday lessons are back in schedule!

Dear friends and families I have great news for you!
We have a good certified Instructor to do our Sat TR lessons. 
We are ready to start Sat 19th.
Need from you:

  • confirmation that you are going to continue TR lessons at Sat (Wednesday, March/16th will offer spots for other students if we do not fill up schedule with our "old"students)
  • let me know the time which works for you the best 10 or 11 (I will fill up the schedule in order I receive your replies)
  • new Registration Form and Med part ASAP
  • Park riding Pass ( if your is still effective, you need to issue actual paper proof of it and have it with you when we do lessons, or just purchase it if your expired) is mandatory and without it we shall not be able to do lessons at the Park. Sorry :(. Rules. 

Looking forward to hearing from you back and, please, send me pictures of your kid on horse - that will lift up my Spirit and help healing process.
Thank you

Spring Break Plans

Spring Break EAA @ SPIRIT for EAL kids and walk-ins
Stay tuned and plan your week with SPIRIT

Another great Saturday at SPIRIT!

So proud of whole Spirit team this Saturday smile emoticon
Thank you Deb Bowers for running another Spirited Dressage Show and keeping all feeling good, successful, and any help appreciated. Debi is one of special angels of SPIRIT
Using Deb's words :
Thank you Ampara Visser for the exhibition ride of the Grand Prix test!
Thank you to West Winds Farm for your support! We enjoyed watching you ride.
Congratulations to Caroline and Emme Warren the High Point and Reserve for the show.
Thanks to Meghan Look for the AWESOME solution for the quick ring change when we went from 20x40 to 20x60.
Thank you Becky Maksimovic and Sarah Flemings for helping Spirit Riders at this show. You did great work to make it all happen for Sarah Bayley, Phoebe McNichols and Ayah Syeed
Congratulation to all - Sarah and Lady who improved their scores so well in this ride, to Phoebe who presented great ride on Glory,and achieved high score at their first show with this very complicated mare. Special congratulation to Ayah who presented an excellent ride on beautiful but green and spooky Sky!
Lauren, Laura and Aaron, together with EAL kids and Mentors for running safe and successful EAA program smile emoticon
Spirit is the best!

Friday, March 11, 2016

Second Winter Dressage Show tomorrow

SPIRIT is excited to cheer on all of Saturday's dressage riders. Especially our own riders, Ayah and Skye, Phoebe and Glory, and Sarah and Lady!

Group Volunteer Day - Salesforce @ SPIRIT

Thank you Tiffany and Salesforce Team!
Thank you Leslie,Terry and Jeff for helping this project being so successful.
Spring cleaning of the fields and pastures, painting fences and much more has been done today. New friendships and sweet memories
It was SPIRIT in action smile emoticon

Saturday, March 5, 2016

SPRING BREAK CAMP - sorry Park canceled it

Park canceled Spring Camp

Still planning some activities at Spirit Field.
Stay tuned

Assistants, Mentors and EAL students needed for Spring Camp during the Spring Break - March 21st-25th.   9 AM - 12 PM
LImited spaces available Need whole week commitment
No PM activities that week, but riding hour after Campers for helping students smile emoticon
Contact me if you want to sign in or put your name in Volunteer Schedule
Thank you! heart emoticon

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

EAL Champions

This past Saturday was special not only by great Dressage Show.
Laura, Aaron and Mira created special lesson time for EAL kids, too
While waiting for some of them to get their riding passes, this is how we show that being around horses does not mean only mucking or riding....
Here are some games and practicing friendship, partnership and leadership as well, and having so much fun, too

Spirit Dressage Show went great! THANK YOU DEB!

Even we had to cancel first Dressage Show in January, our February one, second and the first went more than well.
Over 55 rides, fair, even not too beginner friendly (which even makes it better schooling experience) grades, friendly and hardworking team and sportsmanship & horsemanship high standard event, new friends, and great contribution to our fundraising efforts.
What to add?
Need to add a special Thank You note for Deb Bowers who run the whole show, with a help of numerous volunteers.
Proud of presence of SPIRIT PR table at the indoor ring which attracted some attention to our Mission

Two Spirit Riders managed to ride at the Show. Sarah Bayley and Meagan McDaniels.
This is my comment

 I am so proud of SPIRIT EA:L students and can not wait to see more of them in future shows smile emoticon Working hard and growing with horses made so many of you ready to go and earn this experience of public presentation of your skills and partnership. It is not a competition - at this level it is a chance to earn your special time to got a feed back from professional and hear how to proceed in your training smile emoticon

For those who are not familiar with details, those girls are first of all hard working kids who help selflessly for years to other students, take care of horses, growing with SPIRIT in wonderful young ladies. They did not have ANY official dressage training so far. They love Lady and Cece, and they use some warm up time before Therapeutic Riding to practice basic dressage elements. It was their first show in whole life.
Second, both mares, Lady and Cece came from rescue situation. Lady had bad injury, was in several trading barns, never been kept, because professional trainers said that she is too she find herself at kill pen. We saved her and since then Becky, Sarah and whole team changed Lady a lot. From head shaking, stiff and upset mare, she came to her first dressage show, and together with Sarah did it great. First time. Both of them.
Cece was in sulky racing team for a good chunk of her life. She did well there. Well enough to got a chance to be used for breeding. And then she has been sent to kill pen before Central Virginia Horse Rescue saved her and we adopted her from them.
Think of it that Cece's only job was to trot as fast as possible, with sulky behind with head up and no turning at all....It was not easy to her to learn about rider, slow trot, transitions, circles and curves....and she is still learning. Naomi and two Meagans, and whole Spirit Team is still working hard to make Cece comfortable in all those new things in her life. Then, today, she entered for the first time into the dressage ring. She and Megan alone. Both first time in that situation, excited and with a lot of wild butterflies in their stomachs for sure. And they did it. Finished their first test well.
I am proud of both of you girls and of our mares, too.
Time will show how much love, hard work and dedication will bring you higher, with more points in future shows

And even if you do not show any more - you are winners in so many means.