Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Parking and driving issues

Dear SPIRIT Families, Volunteers, Riders, Students...

Please consider that space left of manure bin at SPIRIT rented space in Frying Pan Farm Park, is not parking space. This is a RPA area and should not been disturbed anyhow.
Thank you for helping SPIRIT to stay complaint with Park regulations and rules.

Second, very important message: There is a speed limit to drive through the Park. It is 10 mph.
Please, show your good Spirit and drive slow 🙏

Thank you for all you do for SPIRIT! 💓😃🙏

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Sat lessons cancellation and regret :(

Good morning to everyone. 
Another apology for missed lessons today.Who knew that forecast is going to change from almost midnight to this morning. 
It is perfect weather for kids to ride today 
Feeling so bad and miss you all, but can not control everything. 
Any idea how to manage this kind of situation better?
Hoping for some kind of summer time soon.
Wish you a great rest of the weekend, and looking forward for next Sat without any weather drama.

Friday, June 1, 2018

Thank you Ioana!

Too bad that this came just after we sent out our Newsletter. Posting here those events. Not for public attendance, but I like to share what SPIRIT Team does. Thank you Ioana 
June 8th from 10-12:30pm
Marymount University Equine facilitated psychotherapy session
Facilitator/ Faculty: Dr. Ioana Marcus, LPC, GEP
Spirit will host Marymount university graduate students for an equine facilitated psychotherapy demonstration as part of their CE 598 Iceland: Health and the physical environment. The objectives are to provide the 16 students with a taste of EFP, interacting with the horses as sentient beings, and to experience how the horses may impact their own mindfulness, self-awareness, communication and social interactions.
(We expect 18-20 participants including faculty, and the grant to pay for this is provided by Marymount University Wellness Committee)
June 13 through August1, 2018 (6 sessions on Wednesdays from 1:15 to 4:30pm)
Marymount University CE 535 Equine assisted/ facilitated psychotherapy course
Faculty: Dr. Ioana Marcus, LPC, GEP
Spirit will host the annual summer counseling course for eight graduate students who are attending an introductory course in equine assisted/ facilitated psychotherapy, including the theoretical foundations, basic horse knowledge on horse body language and behaviors, and counseling facilitation skills using a Gestalt as a theoretical framework.
As part of this course, Spirit will host a support group for women who have been diagnosed and are undergoing treatment for breast cancer, in collaboration with Virginia Hospital Center mental health department and counselor, Mirian Campos, MA, DocCandidate, LPC.
This group is a closed group running July 11- August 1. We expect about 6-8 participants, and this group is supported through the Marymount University Community Engagement Grant.